Fitness Competition

Green Beret Owned/Operated

Next Event, July 3rd, 2021
Bedford, Virginia


Give back, with honor.

We provide the family of a fallen Special Operations Soldier an experience they will never forget by bringing them into our community and holding a charity fitness competition in honor of their fallen Hero.


This year, all funds raised will go towards providing a once in a lifetime experience to the family of fallen Special Forces Soldier SFC Javier "Jaguar" Gutierrez.



This isn't your grandad's fitness competition. Buckle up.

The Hero Games is a team event that tests the physical and mental limitations of the individual. As a participant in the Hero Games, you're assigned to a team of 10-15 individuals, led by Special Forces cadre through a 6-8 hour course modeled after Special Operations training.


The goal: Finish before the opposing teams.





Miles of terrain


Unforgettable Experience

Interested in sponsoring a team? Hurry now and secure your spot, as we only run five teams through the event. There's no minimum financial requirement, you simply send us a flag and we'll make sure it's carried through the event!

When volunteering, you are an integral piece for a successful and epic Hero Games. Volunteer for event set-up, clean-up, photography, the list goes on. Our event is nothing without our volunteers!